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Student Internship Expectations

Before you apply to these internships, or the MKT 393 class, please review this list of Marketing Internship Program Obligations.  These obligations were formed to help prepare you for a successful internship process.

 1. After receiving a phone call from an internship company, we ask that you return the call within 24 hours.

2. If you cannot attend a previously scheduled interview, we ask that you notify the internship company within 24 hours prior to the scheduled interview.

3. On the date of the interview, allow yourself enough time in order to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early.

4. When attending your interview you should be, dressed for Success and bring copies of your resume.   You should include in your preparation some minimum personal requisites of neatness and hygiene.  This is a time to express yourself beyond your resume, market yourself well.

5. Do what you can to find out information about the company before your interview.  This means stopping by the Marketing Internship Office to read the Job Description Sheet as well as doing research on your own.

6. As part of the screening process for some employers, you may be required to take a drug test.  Failure to pass this test will reflect poorly on DePaul University’s students.

7. Following the completion of your interview, send a thank you letter to the person(s) who interviewed you. This means get names and/or business cards after completion of the interview.

8. Career Center has excellent programs on resume development, job searching, interviewing and other business skills, use them!

9. If this office finds an internship that you accept,  sign up for MKT393.

By applying to our internships, you agree to follow the expectations above.  We want your internship to be an enjoyable and educational experience. If you agree, apply to our internships and/or MKT 393 approval by clicking here or below.