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StrideRightMats Digital Marketing Intern


Chicago, IL

About Us:

StrideRightMats and AlignRightMats are the brands owned and operated by Dloc Sports, LLC. Located out of Chicago Illinois, StrideRightMats is an e-commerce company and brand that helps create better baseball players, softball players, and golfers by creating a system that helps train from the ground up. We are a start-up moving into the growth phase of our business currently at $250,000 in annual revenue and growing month over month. Dedicated to helping create better athletes we monitor changing market trends and gather consist feedback so we can continually offer the best most intuitive training equipment available.

About the Position:

We are looking for someone with an extensive digital marketing education and hands on experience with the following. Required: detailed knowledge and expertise on google analytics, google adwords, google shopping, Facebook advertises, SEO, Social Media branding and content building. Preferred but not required: Experience with Wix/WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Athletic background or knowledge in baseball, softball, or golf is a plus.

Social Media Branding and Content Building:
– Driving the social media marketing strategy for StrideRightMats; focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Twitter, and Slideshare.
– Execution of social media activities (i.e. tweeting, sharing, engaging, liking, increasing social reach, doing the promoting, etc) for StrideRightMats.
– Creating social media campaigns and calls-to-action that drive target buyers to want StrideRightMats products from StrideRightMats outlets (Amazon, Ebay, Distributors, Website)
– Tweeting daily engaging influencers to increase the followership of StrideRightMats social media profiles; receiving multiple mentions and retweets in the process.
– Posting several Facebook posts each day and finding new ways to leverage Facebook for professional and business purposes.
– Implementing Social Media SEO tactics aligned with StrideRightMat’s keyword and SEO strategies.
– Working within Hootsuite, Moz, FollowerWonk, and other social media tools.

Google Analytics
– Be able to drive and analyze key metrics to find areas of success and low cost marketing per conversion. Adjust and pivot campaigns to drive and surpass targeted goals.
– Understand website traffic, user flow, pull user demographics to be able to target areas of improvement and understand our customer better.

Google Adwords / Shopping / Display Ads
– Deep knowledge of Google Adwords; be able to analyze and create successful keywords while maintaining a low cost-per-click. Analyze competitors
– Create engaging advertisements that drives conversions while maintaining brand image
– Adjust Google Shop products, descriptions, images to drive traffic and conversions
– Be able to adjust, analyze, and create Google advertisements to hit target goals

Facebook Advertising
– Broad knowledge on Facebook advertising and be able to create, adjust, and use different advertisements and target markets to find lowest cost-per-conversions

– Build and hone keywords, content, and alt images to optimize search engine results.

-Depending on skills; optimize mobile and desktop platforms (Wix / WordPress)
-Create visualizing engaging user experience through editing and creating photos in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Apply by sending cover letter and resume to


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