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HCP Specialists- Marketing Intern (startup)

Outreach, Marketing and Communications Student Representative

About Healthcare Competency Program Specialists, LLC (HCP Specialists)

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The phrase “patient-centered care” is in vogue, but its meaning is poorly understood. The evidence shows that patient-centered care reduces cost, improves disease outcomes & quality of life and is critical to addressing racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities. More work needs to be done on defining common language and terms that can be operationalized in effectiveness studies. (Lewin and colleagues-2001)

All health professionals should be educated to deliver Optimal Patient-Family Centered Care (OPFCC) as members of an interdisciplinary team. In order to raise the importance and therefore, attention to this level of OPFCC, our programs will provide customized education and on-sight consultation and evaluation with a focus on forming, resuscitating and educating multidisciplinary staff. Through our Programs, our Specialists will assist in integrating competencies and standardizing related policies which comply with The Joint Commission standards and demonstrate evidence of providing OPFCC.

About This Opportunity

We are searching for the right person to help our practice grow, expand, and develop. The successful candidate must be a self-motivated individual willing to develop relationships with nurse educators in order to eventually help us foster relationships with the medical community.

As a new consultation and education firm, we are currently looking for qualified program writers to launch our efforts in providing competency programs to healthcare providers along the continuum of patient care.

This is a unique opportunity for you to help us set this effort into motion.

The Outreach, Marketing and Communications Student Representative will provide HCP Specialists’ public relations marketing activities to increase our exposure to potential program writers. This unique student will provide nurse educators with information relative to our firm, its programs, services and practices. They will exhibit a communication style that will welcome nurse educators to join us by participating in the competency education process as competency program writers.

Position Purpose

Develop and maintain relationships with highly educated nurses as potential competency program writers for HCP Specialists, LLC.

Candidate must possess the following strong interpersonal skills:

 Friendly

 Self-starter

 Able to communicate and deal with different types of people

 Influencer and persuasive

 Strong oral and written communication skills

 Experience as marketing student

 Business minded

 Some medical knowledge is helpful

What you’ll bring to the job

 Demonstrated knowledge of marketing strategies, concepts and practices.

 Ability to plan, implement and evaluate marketing activities.

 Ability to compile and analyze performance data to develop metrics that support decision-making.

 A leader with both creative and analytical capabilities.

 Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills.

 Ability to develop strong, collaborative relationships and work effectively with senior management.

 Outstanding presentation and oral communication skills.

 Leading the creativity of our marketing efforts to develop desirable content marketing roadmaps that yield program writer engagement.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

 Friendly, professional, approachable appearance and attitude is a must

 Flexibility and dependability a must

 Must be a hard worker and not afraid to be told “No”

 Principles and techniques of communications, community, and public relations.

 Must have a high level of energy with a positive attitude

 Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

 Expert level written and verbal communication skills

 Must have reliable transportation and be willing to work in outside conditions

 Knowledge of the fundamentals of public affairs and/or media relations and exposure to marketing and marketing research

 Demonstrated understanding of marketing fundamentals and demonstrated ability to develop engaging content for marketing purposes.

 Strong writing and advanced editing skills that enable the quick production of clear and concise written products for internal and external publication.

 Ability to analyze and select pertinent facts and integrate them into written products.

Strong interpersonal skills to develop and maintain relationships with highly educated nurses.

 Demonstrated success working with teams, working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and in representing HCP Specialists in interactions with individuals and groups.

 Thorough knowledge of web communication techniques, vehicles, and formats – to eventually include widely used social media platforms.

 Ability to effectively use web technology to achieve communication goals.

 Working knowledge of and ability to apply standard theories, practices, principles, and techniques related to communications in the public affairs and marketing areas.

 Working knowledge of copyright and other applicable laws pertaining to publications and the media.

 Ability to work independently and cooperatively in a results-oriented environment.

 Ability to multi-task and manage projects with different deadlines.

 Strong customer service skills.

 Ability to maintain confidentiality and exercise good judgment.

 Ability to anticipate, analyze and propose solutions to issues and challenges.

What you’ll own:

Develop marketing strategies that ensure growth of our conferences, meetings and exhibits, membership, journals, products and services for our potential program writer education efforts. This includes market research and analysis and developing a campaign and timeline needed to identify nurse educators as the target audience and then managing the production, distribution, and tracking results.

Duties and Responsibilities Specific to This Position (but not limited to)

 Collaborate with HCP Specialists’ President

 Develop and use marketing and public relations policies and procedures to establish rapport with potential nurse educators.

 Marketing and Outreach to multiple nursing organizations and nursing college educators, among others.

 Develop content and activities that help nurse educators and potential program writers understand HCP Specialists’ priorities, with the goal of inspiring their participation in strengthening HCP Specialists’ education process. This includes, but is not limited to mass email communications, potential membership benefits, targeted programming communications and discussion of our accomplishments.

 Create marketing campaigns that relate to specific nurse educator groups

 Eventually (down the line) plan and maintain an active HCP Specialists’ social media presence by collaborating with the HCP Specialists President.

 Interact with the appropriate media outlets regarding HCP Specialists events and programs.

 Serve as a representative of HCP Specialists at local and out-of-area events.

 Plan and implement longer term and tactical plans to achieve the broader strategic goals of HCP Specialists, LLC.

 Write news releases, and comprehensive narrative

 Create reports related to all events, campaigns and correspondence.

Enjoy the following career experience

 Initially 10 hours per week with the option to increase hours at a later date

 Flexible hours

 Field work without specific office hours or in-office work location.

 Opportunities for professional growth and development

 Ongoing educational opportunities

 Career advancement

 Work-life balance

 Work independently with accessible instructor and President over sight and direction

 Work with a staff that has passion for our mission, believes in one another and has fun.

 The chance to take evidence-based risks and create new programs and services.

 A chance to make a contribution in a fun job with room to make it your own.

 A strong opportunity to focus on your professional goals.

Salary Compensation:

 Initially a learning opportunity without monetary compensation

 As we grow, compensation will be offered on commission

 Eventually, when we become successful city-wide, state-wide and beyond, the option for a full or part time position and salary will be offered.

Submission of interest notification, including cover letter, contact information, return call time options and phone #, experience, goals and questions (if any) should be sent as an e-mail message to . Please include your last name, school and this job title in the subject line of the email.


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