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Treblemonsters Marketing Internship


About Treblemonsters
An Artist and Event Management Company. Connecting artists (DJs, Singers, Bands, Instrumental Artists) with the right events. Events could include bars and clubs, or corporate events. We bring quality musicians and artists to the top venues in Chicago and provide them exposure they do not usually receive on their own.

Project Description:

The Marketing Intern will be responsible for assisting Treblemonsters in the development of its sales, marketing, social media, and brand awareness plan. This will be accomplished through developing, maintaining and expanding marketing channels/methodologies to the nightlife community, potential customers, artists, musicians, senior industry and the public at large.

Timeframe For The Project:  3 Months – 1 Year
Pay: High commission structure

Desired Outcome Of The Project:

  • Assist in New Leads
  • Assist with Market Reach, Spread brand image and mission
  • Assist with Social Media posts and content
  • Event Management
  • Mentorship form CEO
  • Design and Photography experience is a big plus

Apply by sending resume and cover letter to


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