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Pickwick Coffee Roasters

pickwickUnpaid/Complimentary Coffee

Chicago, IL

About US:

Pickwick Coffee Roasting Company is a (currently) small coffee shop group. One of our stores is at 22 E Jackson in the heart of the DePaul Loop campus. We are local and use the freshest beans sourced from many locations around the world typically direct trade, sustainable, giving back to the development of the farm. Uniquely we roast our beans in small batches at our Chicago Ave location to dial in to our brewing equipment creating a “superior” cup of coffee.

As a company we are quite sophisticated with our customer centric design, data driven and servant leadership organizational structure. Resulting in a unique and cutting edge small business entrepreneurial environment.


Our president with 30 years experience of starting up and growing businesses has big plans. We have several projects in the works but need some extra hands to get them accomplished in a timely manner.

In addition to the typical social media, email campaigns and You Tube channel development we are masters of guerilla marketing. You would be in the inner circle in development and executing projects. Our offices are on Jackson Blvd.




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