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New Course for Spring- Marketing Technology Tools

The Gartner Group publishes that CEOs expect their digital revenue to in-crease by more than 80% by 2020. The demand for digital talent exceeds supply.

DePaul is committed to equipping students with the skills and knowledge to succeed as digital marketers.

The MKT 398-902 (Class #37030) Marketing Technology Tools class is designed to provide marketing students an introduction to modern marketing technologies and is available in Spring.

MarTech101 Syllabus (Download the syllabus)

Week 1: Marketing as a strategic driver of growth (and KPIs) The current state of Digital Marketing and future trends will be discussed. A rapid review of marketing processes will be presented. The challenges of modern marketing organization will be discussed along with how marketers have become accountable for ROI on marketing investments. A view into marketing KPIs will be provided.

Week 2: Engagement Marketing and Customer Experience Management Best practices and techniques for implementing new marketing tactics for delivering superb customer experiences and getting customers engaged with your plan will be discussed.

Week 3: Marketing Technologies: The Foundation The strategic context for MarTech (marketing technology) and study the marketing technology stack that is the de facto standard used by marketers worldwide.

Week 4: The Digital Marketing Organization and Alignment with Sales and IT Roles and responsibilities in today’s digital Marketing organization will be discussed. Workflow with in marketing and the use of Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software will be explored. The criticality of alignment with sales and IT will be discussed and proven practices presented.

Week 5: Campaign and Event Management Review best practices for conducting campaigns and events that drive demand generation in an omni channel en-vironment along with leading software products being used by marketers today. Get hands on experience with one product.

Week 6: Lead Management and Content Marketing Understand the techniques and processes for attracting and nurturing leads, scoring leads and delivering person-alized content through the nurturing process. Appreciate the value of a content management strategy and how to implement and use content in the customer buying journey.

Week 7: Evolution of the Agency

The role of the agency in its partnership with marketing continues to evolve. Ad buying has gone programmatic. The technologies behind programmatic ad buying will be analyzed.

Week 8: Social Media, SEO, PPC and Mobile Marketing

Social Media, PPC and Mobile all have their own marketing disciplines and proven practices. Search Engine Opti-mization and Ad words have come sciences in and of themselves. All will be explored at an introductory level.

Week 9: Data and competitive advantage While Big Data is all the rage, every organization does not need Big Data platforms and practices. They do need to know how to use data for competitive advantage. Personalization and offer orchestration (including Marketing Analytics) will be studied along with the tools that power them.

Week 10: Tying it all together What do we do with what we’ve learned? How do we move ahead?

Email Marianne Hewitt ( for more information on the course and register on Campus Connect. 


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