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RS Hanline FT Sales Position

RSHANLINEDo you want to work with national retail supermarkets and restaurant chains as key member of their marketing and supplier network? The food industry is changing rapidly as consumers become more educated about where their products come from. Major retailers and restaurant chains are looking for strategic partners to help develop long term growth in the health conscience consumer driven economy.

R.S. Hanline & Company, Inc. is a value added fresh produce supplier to the most reputable restaurant and grocery chains in the United States; distributing product throughout the eastern United States. In 2015, R.S. Hanline strategically positioned a Chicago, IL based office to support key customers nationwide with their direct grower needs throughout North America. Our Chicago office is focused on aligning with businesses that find value in utilizing our expertise in receiving quality produce from all the major growing regions across all commodities.

It’s a new year and RS Hanline is very excited for what 2017 has in store. Coming off a record year in 2016 in which our company made great strides and opportunities paving the way for an explosive 2017. With said, in order to continue making strides we will be hiring for key account management positions. We are looking for highly-motivated individuals with strong communication skills to join our organization to help strengthen existing, and develop new supplier and customer relationships. This individual must have the ability to multi task, be self-motivated, poses strong, communication skills, manage time effectively, competitive, and exceed expectations. Every individual working at RS Hanline is integral to the success of customers, suppliers, and the company. RS Hanline values teamwork, initiative, drive, and integrity from its employees. Through our in depth knowledge, tools, relationships, and network, RS Hanline provides ample opportunity for growth and success. Come learn what makes RS Hanline such a lucrative place to work that provides career growth and the top benefits in the industry.






  • Bachelor’s degree from a 4-year accredited institution
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Competitive
  • Well-organized and goal oriented
  • Interested in Sales, marketing and management



  • Professional customer service in a fast-paced environment, with a focus on continuous process improvement and teamwork
  • Participate in weekly pricing and supply meetings for long term customer contracts
  • Analyze and interpret agricultural markets for long term strategic planning
  • Develop new customers through strong communication skills
  • Mange customer account expectations in challenging environments
  • Develop long term sustainable supplier relationships from a vast base of diverse suppliers
  • Assist team members with finding supply solutions for a vast customer network
  • Travel and engage suppliers and customers with diverse backgrounds
  • Develop sustainable profitability for suppliers and customers in a wide range of markets

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