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Learn Multichannel Marketing this Spring with Professor Kelly

MKT 798 Multichannel Marketing Communications (MC2) Course Spring 2014
Professor Steve Kelly

Professor Steve Kelly teaches MKT 798 Multichannel Marketing this Spring 2014

Professor Steve Kelly teaches MKT 798 Multichannel Marketing this Spring 2014

This course is designed to get students in touch and networking with practitioners who are at the cutting edge of marketing communications.  Most organizations have multiple channels of communication to interact with customers, suppliers, and other publics.  It is a challenge to make this total system of communication; including e-mail, direct mail, catalogs, traditional media, social media, and content development, effective and measurable. Students will work on real-life projects to apply what they have learned. The critical part of our learning will be from outstanding professional experts who show us what have been their challenges with multichannel marketers.  This is a “special topics” class which means we are exploring new topics, not in the regular curriculum. Instructors:  Dr. Steven Kelly and many other talented practitioners that you will meet.  Prerequisites: Graduate level student.


mc2Example Syllabus and Course Schedule

9/18 What is multi-channel marketing and how does it relate to integrated- and interactive marketing?
The customer journey; customers see brands, not channels
Outbound and inbound campaigns, media versus channels
The ideal customer and developing marketing strategy to reach her
Choosing channels based on strategy
Roy Wollen, Hansa
9/25 How brands use media
How marketers use broadcast, print, out of home and other mass media to meet strategic goals
How Beam Global defines its media as either Paid, Owned or Earned
Multi-channel marketing examples from Beam Global
Andrea Javor, Beam Global
10/2 How brands use direct channels
Database-driven marketing and addressable media
How marketers use lists and data to meet direct marketing goals
How marketers leverage all direct channels such as inbound and outbound telemarketing, field sales and events
Chris Pickering, MeritDirect
10/9 Deep dive into multi-channel retail marketing
Customer experiences at retail, how retailers leverage loyalty programs, clienteling and shopper marketing
The wholesale model: How some brands see other retailers as points for distribution
What Earth Friendly does to create demand online and at retail
Dana Scheuller, Mariano’s
Ori Ornstein, Earth Friendly Products
10/16 Deep dive into multi-channel b2b marketing
How industry leader D&B defines the b2b business model
How b2b information drives marketing decisions
Why b2b is key for Google
How Google defines b2b digital marketing (search, display, video)
Craig Planson, D&B
Lauren Nelson, Google
10/23 How brands establish digital relationships with customers
What multi-channel marketers need to know about email marketing
How world class email marketers go beyond batch & blast
How Social Media, blogging and content marketing connects customers to brands in the online channel
The social media landscape
Innovative campaigns that leverage social media
The evolution of social media- what are brands looking at for next year and beyond
Peter Dublin, ExactTarget
Jeff Razniewski, Starcom
10/30 Deep dive on online marketing
How advertisers use Digital Display, Paid Search and SEO
Understanding the mechanics of digital communication – Cookies, platforms, networks, audiences
The digital ecosystem
Tactics: Retargeting, local search
Measuring engagement (view throughs vs clickthroughs)
Craig Greenfield and
Matt Miller, Performics
11/6 How marketers use Mobile in their multi-channel marketing mix
Mobile as a channel, an experience and a way of life
Examples of challenges and wins from marketers engaged in mobile
Current mobile marketing trends and how to leverage them to reach audiences
How marketers envision web user experiences as they leverage websites for multi-channel marketing
Examples of good web user experiences that strengthen the brand
Molly Garris, Arc Worldwide
Tim Irvine, Acquity Group
11/13 Measuring multi-channel marketing effectiveness
Marketing measurement, matchback, channel attribution, KPIs
Return on Investment of multi-channel marketing spend
CRM, marketing systems technology
Business intelligence, campaign management tools that support multi-channel marketing
Roy Wollen, Hansa
11/20 Final student presentations Prof. Steve Kelly, DePaul
Ron Jacobs, Jacobs & Clevenger
Roy Wollen, Hansa


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